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Mold Remediation

Disaster Cleanup & Restoration Specialists
Disaster Cleanup & Restoration Specialists

Residential & Commercial Mold Remediation

Residential mold can create not just an unpleasant odor, but serious health issues as well. Certain types of mold when left untreated can be harmful and even fatal for even healthy individuals. If you suspect mold in your home, call Triangle Water Damage Solutions right away. We have state-of-the-art equipment, experience, and knowledge to evaluate your mold damage situation and we remediate the issue properly.

In a business environment, mold can be a silent killer if customers are exposed to mold on your commercial property and choose to sue. The experts of commercial property damage restoration at Triangle Water Damage Solutions offer inspections as well as provide mold remediation services. Contact us today and we’ll be on our way!

Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation

Triangle Water Damage Solutions has a team of IICRC trained experts who have the expertise to identify mold in your home or place of business. Even if you already know where mold is growing in your home, it is important that you have us perform a mold inspection. Visible mold growth often means there is hidden water somewhere out of view. One of our Mold Remediation experts will strategically locate the source and form a remediation plan that will best suit your needs. We also team with certified industrial hygienists, if necessary, to obtain laboratory results confirming exactly what type of mold and how many spores we are dealing with. Call Triangle Water Damage Solutions today at (984) 303-7479.

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At Triangle Water Damage Solutions, we understand the complexities of the insurance claim process. That’s why we are willing to take the initiative to communicate directly with your insurance adjuster and handle the entire claim process on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure a smooth settlement and alleviate the burden from your shoulders.

Disaster Cleanup & Restoration Specialists
Disaster Cleanup & Restoration Specialists

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